About Cognitive Roots

9 - 11th of June – Bellingen Shire

Our Purpose

Creation starts with an intentional seed of infinite wisdom and possibility, the nourishment and genius of the gardener pours their love and knowledge into manifestation for growth, transformation and cognition to occur. The seed shoots a stem into the higher worlds towards the sun and sinks roots deep down into planet earth, anchoring its existence firmly into reality for a fruitful future.

Cognitive Roots Gathering creates an outdoor classroom for the experimental learner to explore new possibilities of manifestation. New experience and knowledge starts with a cognitive root, which is the beginning anchoring root concept to which the learner finds easy to comprehend, it forms the basis for a theory or manifestation to be be built upon and develop into a structured formation of knowledgeable wisdom.

We will gather as a collective and remember our tribal roots, our place in the cosmic universal dance and our sacred relationship with the Spirit of Life. Through our actions we will honourably engage with one another in a deep cognitive experience, encouraging collaboration and personal growth. Our interactions will allow us to acquire knowledge and understanding through our feelings, thoughts, experiences and senses, as a connected complex adaptive organism. We will share, learn, love and care for one another and our life giving planet, thus sowing cognition for our thriving collective future.

Cognitive Roots Team


“Gatherings are a celebration of life and the act of celebration is about wholeness, renewal, gratitude, lifting us from creatures of focused merely on survival, to beings capable of making an offering of reverence for the world around us and for ourselves as a part of that world.”

Jamaica Stevens – Holistic Event Production

Our Mission

Cognitive Roots gathering is a fundraiser for the organisation 'Cognitive Roots', a growing charity that helps communities and schools in developing countries achieve their educational, social, economic and environmental sustainability goals.

“Cognitive Roots” organisation has evolved from the name Book Doof Productions, which in the past achieved setting up a library for 2000 students in rural Cambodia with a total of 3,000 books and supporting digital management systems for student learning, all which were funded by eclectic community gatherings. Now we are in the progress of achieving two new projects. The first is setting up a school library for 1500 students along the Mekong River in Cambodia and the second is 250km away in the neighbouring province, constructing two classrooms and a small library for disadvantaged students in Ratanakiri Province.

Cognitive Roots is seeking to help communities across the planet. Our gatherings here in Australia have the purpose of providing a space to call the tribe together for learning and fun, building connections among people, gathering and collecting resources to share thus allowing for growth.