Current Projects

The Krou Yeung School Library

This is a new branch of the school which opened in 2017 and  provides for kindergarten to grade 12. The goals for this project are supplying 4000 books, 2 x computers, digital database management system, shelving, training for two librarians, and for local artists to paint murals on the interior walls. Stung Treng is located on the Mekong river in the far north of Cambodia on the border of Laos. The projected initial cost for this project is AU $6000.

Stung Libray Space
Stung Library Space

Ratanakiri Homestay and School

Vuthy and his family along with tourists at the Home stay give free English education for disadvantaged children. The small school began at the beginning of 2016 in an area of 2m by 4m on the side of the home. Vuthy wants to expand and provide more for the local community and needs support and funding. Cognitive Roots is aiming to supply funding for building materials to construct 2 new larger classrooms, 1 x toilet, a small in class library, teaching and stationary materials, create partnerships with the Ratanakiri branch of the Krou Young School to provide educated teachers and continued support by CRO into the future. Ratanakiri Province is located in the far north east of Cambodia on the border of Laos and Vietnam and his home to many Indigenous tribes. The projected initial costs for this project is AU $5000.

Vuthy and the class
Vuthy and the class