Permaculture, Evolution & Integral Theory



In this lecture we explore evolution through the 4 quadrant lens of Integral theory, situating permaculture within this context. By looking in this way we can understand historically how permaculture has come into being, what it is, and how it is relevant in the creation of a more beautiful world in conjunction with biological, individual and cultural evolutionary tendencies. Through piecing these seemingly disparate elements together we can create holistic structures to meet the complex issues of today’s world.

Hosted by Damien Bohler

Syntropic Farming



Thiago Gimenez Barbosa  ~ Syntropic farming systems are based on a detailed understanding forest dynamics. By designing our agricultural systems to mimic nature, maximise photosynthesis and accelerate succession, we have the opportunity to create systems that require less inputs over time, produce and abundance of crops and regenerate the earth.

Songlines & The Planetary Grid

deya workshop


By Deya Dova

A presentation sharing the science, indigenous knowledge and personal experience of the earth’s energetic field. From a journey over the last 15 years travelling to over 40 sacred sites around the globe to record live on location. Inspiring deep earth connection and sacred activist empowerment.Deya has spoken to 1000’s of people around the world in this super inspiring audio visual presentation.

Dance Of The Sacred Masculine



by Hamilton Barnett

A transformational movement journey for Men. Embodying 4 rounds of the mature masculine archetypes
through instinctual movement and dance. Based on 12 years of leading dance and 8 years of leading men's circles.

Authentic Relating 101



This experiential workshop focuses on a set of practices and skills to develop increased awareness in the ways we relate. Through learning to listen deeply, and speak authentically, we are able to become more elegant in our communication. These capacities are essential for the possibilities of creating a harmonious culture and society, as well as fulfilling partnerships, friendships, families and collaborations.

hosted by Damien Bohler

Creating Intentional Communities



Shane Sylvanspring, from the Global Ecovillage Network Australia will be offering two workshops over the weekend How festival culture transforms into a community Creating intentional communities.

Gen Australia's website:


Shiatsu Massage



Shiatsu Massage ~ Ashan Normoyle

This guided workshop will teach you how to provide and receive a full shiatsu massage treatment using correct shiatsu therapeutic massage techniques through hands on practice.

Breath Work Ceremony



In this breath work ceremony Freea offers you to experience ecstasy and explore consciousness through the power of breath, movement and sound.

The Healing Power of Touch

megan a


Megan will be conducting a workshop on

The Healing power of touch.

She will also be doing massages in the market area.




Tom Rothsey - In this workshop you will learn how to make “Aussie Kraut”, Fermentation.

Edible Weeds



Ian Slorich will be speaking about Natural Medicine Plants on a walkabout, creating a meal from what you can find.

Rhythm and Rhyme



Wyldcard and Gypsybox will be laying down the basics of Rhythm and Rhyme for  Rapping and Beat boxing