Past Projects

Beggining under the name of Book Doof Productions, our efforts to improve education in Southeast Asia began in 2015. Having travelled and taught English in Asia, Cognitive Roots founder Yarnam Swift wanted to do more to help some of the beautiful and inspiring students he'd met on his channels. He decided to combine this passion with his love for large and innovative electronic music, and put on Book Doof and Book Doof 2 at Rubix Warehouse in Melbourne.

The expirement was a success, and combined with ongoing donations of books and funds, the money from the events was enough to fill a library. In January 2016, 3000 books were sent to Krou Yeung School in north-east Cambodia. In September the same year, Yarnam went over to the school to work on the library. Over the next month he catalogued, painted, trained staff and wrote policies, working with a team of 30 students from the school to get the jobs done.

Finally their hard work paid off. Krou Yeung School Library was opened in September 2016. The library provides a fast amount of literature that meets the needs of students from kindergarten to grade 12, teacher education and curriculum resources. Sections included are Geography, History, Art, Music, Cooking, Story, Reference, Health, Environmental, Nature, Sustainability, Psychology, Physics, Chemistry, English and Mathematics. With the blueprint successful, the future is littered with ways to combine having fun and enjoying good music with educating and empowering students in developing conutries.