Sustainability is a core theory, purpose and practice that Cognitive Roots is striving to achieve.

Composting Toilets
Our gathering site has 8 composting toilets. The system works by collecting waste in large 220L barrels along with wood shavings, live compost and lime, than leaving it for 8 – 12months for the micro-organism to break down. We will than use the compost on the fruit trees and rejuvenating native habitats around the gathering site.

Recycling Program
Our sustainability team will be making sure rubbish bins and area are clean. We will have three different bins matching town programs for convenience. At the end of the gathering waste will be made sure it is sorted into their appropriate category. Help us do this job by placing items in the correct bin, and preferably taking home your rubbish, as we are taking a "leave no trace" approach to the event.

Yellow Bins - For recycling. This includes glass bottles, cans, cardboard and most plastic bottles.

Green Bins - For any food or green waste.

Red Bins - For all rubbish that isn't recyclable or green waste.

Filtered Drinking Water

Our gathering site is blessed to be situated along side the Bellingen River where we pump water through a state of the art filter to ensure it is clean. No fluoride or nasty chemicals and much better than bringing bottled water.

Food Vendors
Each food outlet will be serving food on environmentally friendly materials easy to compost and recycle.

Minimising Resource Use
Rather than using new materials to build our infrastructure, we'll be using locally sourced materials on-site, such as bamboo, to build structures with the intention to last into the future. The decor will consist of preexisting materials, spun into a new structures of colour and vibrancy.

By minimising consumption in the lead-up to the event, we hope to set an example for punters to not buy so many pre-packaged food or other consumables to site, and also use the water we provide with re-usable water bottles.

Awareness, Knowledge and Skills

The workshop spaces will be providing education around concepts and skills connected to sustainability. This will include skills that festival goers can take on, and incorporate into their everyday lives. Our aim is for patrons to come away from the festival thinking about how that can do their part, both individually and collectively.