Visual Art

Eye Byte Visuals



Eyebyte visuals have been running for 20 years now, entertaining millions of people, providing video performance, design and installation for dance music based events.




Sacred Geometry

Geometry Mandalas


Mimbi Rose



Mimbi is a visionary artist who will be doing some life Art works throughout the gathering.

Fulcrum Designs



We provide unique staging and shade installations that cater to clients needs. We also provide projection mapping and installation, plus VJ services.

SiStars of the Infinite Circle



SiStars of the Infinite Circle create a visual splendor weaving together intricate choreography and flow to bring warmth to your evening

Dreamtime.FX Decor

dream time fx


Dreamtime FX will be providing you with an array of psychedelic visual art to feast your eyes upon as you explore the creative playground.

Enasni Puppetry

puppet show


Enasni Puppetry visits dark and abstract scenery, reflecting journeys into other realms. Featuring hand crafted original marionette, bunraku and hand puppets, Enasni shows transport audiences from the familiar to the freaky and far out. From just behind the eyelids, to the shadowiest corners of the human psyche, Enasni brings our internal struggle to the surface.

Silly Goose Day'Kore"

Sally Goose


Silly Goose Day'Kore" will be doing up your life with a bunch of lovely decorations, keep an eye out!